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The old riddle, "Which came first - the chicken or the egg?" applies in many ways to your choice of trucks for your camping experience. The truck and camper decisions are closely related, so if you're buying a new truck, here are a few things to consider before you make the big step.

Small truck versus full-size truck

Smaller trucks include Ford Ranger, Dodge Dakota, Nissan Frontier, Chevy Colorado and Toyota Tacoma. If you feel you must have a self-contained camper, then a full-size truck is necessary. The Six-Pac T100S camper, which is built for smaller trucks, just doesn't have enough room to build a bathroom.

On the other hand, a smaller truck oftentimes feels more comfortable and plenty adequate for many travelers. Many people prefer the ease of parking, better gas mileage and more compact profile of a smaller truck. Most oftentimes, this group of trucks will be more economical but will have less load capacity and ability to pull a trailer. Keep in mind that the smaller size can affect comfort, especially on longer trips.

Full-size trucks include the Ford F150, 250, and 350 series, Chevrolet and Dodge 1500, 2500, and 3500 models, Nissan Titan, and the Toyota Tundra. Be aware that the Tundra is a lighter duty full-size truck, although it is a very comfortable and reliable vehicle. The full-size Six-Pac campers fit these trucks - and include the D,S, and U models of the 650 and 850 campers. The D models have a self-contained bath, and the S models have more storage - which equates to a heavier and larger profile camper, which in turn requires a full-size truck.

How will you use it?

Keep in mind your camping and recreation intentions. Pulling a trailer - be it a boat, ATV, horse, or otherwise - usually requires a full-size truck with a larger, more powerful engine. Mountain travel can put a strenuous load on smaller trucks, too.

Test drive them!

Your purchase is a huge investment in time and money. A vehicle is a very personal and ergonomic decision - just the right truck for you may be the worst decision for someone else. Assess your particular needs - both now and in the future - then identify the truck with adequate abilities and the right feel for you.


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